Started in Philadelphia 1909 by Benjamin Foster as a manufacturer of asphalt-based compounds to simplify roofing applications, Foster Products has grown and evolved over the years by responding to the needs of our customers and developing high-quality products designed to improve the performance of insulation systems. Today, Foster is a global supplier of adhesives, sealants, mastics, and coatings for the thermal insulation, HVAC, and indoor air quality markets under the Foster and Childers brands. We are honored that Foster products have been chosen for use on projects like the Cleveland Clinic, One Freedom Tower, and the Burj Khalifa Tower for their reliability, quality, and long-term efficacy. Visit to learn more about how our products can help improve the performance of your systems.


Foster® 30-36™

Foster® Sealfas® Coating is a white, fire resistive, tough, washable, abrasion-resistant indoor coating for thermal insulation. It is also used as a lagging and lap adhesive for canvas and glass lagging cloth. It has excellent brushing characteristics, which will result in better coverage, and more uniformly coated surfaces. It presents a neat white finish, and will not yellow or become discolored with age. The surface can be washed free of grease, oil, soot, and other dirt accumulation.

Foster® 81-10™

Foster® S.M. Adhesive is a low cost, quick-setting synthetic elastomer adhesive for use with fibrous glass insulation (up to 3 lbs./cu.ft.) duct wrap and acoustical linings for air handling ducts.

Foster® 32-17 – Safetee® Duct Sealant

Foster® Safetee™ Duct Sealant is a fire-resistive, fibrated water based, indoor/outdoor vapor barrier sealant for low, medium and high velocity heating and air conditioning ducts. It performs as a tough and flexible adhesive and sealant, forming a durable seal against air leakage when used with or without reinforcing tape or membrane.Mechanical fasteners of the type and number normally used for duct assemblies are required to provide rigidity to the duct system.

Foster® 82-08 Kold-Fas Adhesive

Foster Kold-Fas Adhesive is a low cost, high solids, quick setting, water base adhesive designed to adhere thermal insulation board and blanket (polystyrene foam, expanded polystyrene bead board, polyurethane foam,
low density fibrous glass and cork) to metal, masonry, wood and to itself. It is also used to adhere all types of vapour barrier facings, papers and polyethylene film to insulation and building surfaces.

Foster® 60-95™

FOSTER MONOLAR Coating is a tough flexible fire-resistive elastomeric finish for protection of outdoor thermal insulation. It contains DuPont Hypalon* rubber. It is an excellent vapor barrier for low temperature insulation on tanks, pipework, vessels, ductwork, and fittings.